We offer customers a great variety of services to satisfy their needs. If you are interested in using our services, please contact the appropriate person in your area.

What we can do for you

Irrigation designs

With all our combined years of exprerience we will be able to assist in all your irrigation designs. We use the latest computer aided design software together with our GPS survey data for the design of irrigation systems.

Designs we offer

Pivot irrigation
Drip irrigation
Micro irrigation
Sprinkle irrigation
Overhead irrigation


We use new state of the art GPS surveying equipment to survey all your fields for us to easily and effectively design your irrigation system.

System evaluations

We can evaluate the client’s irrigation systems. The evaluations are done according to the ARC – Institute for Agricultural Engineering’s Manual for the Evaluation of Irrigation Systems. Evaluations are done by SABI trained personnel.

Valley pivots and parts

We are the Valley pivot and Valley real parts dealer in your area. We have been a Valley Gold Dealer for the past nine years. Valley centre pivots and linears are the industry leader in precision irrigation.

Pivot installation

Valley trained sub-contractors for installation and maintenance of all pivots. Our Valley trained and certified installers will be able to assist you in all your pivot installation, maintenance and repairs on any pivot brand.